Ghost Buster Premium pinball

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Ghost Buster Premium pinball


The Ghostbusters pinball experience captures the humor of the movie, while
keeping the ball wild.  Players explore modes and features that are
straight from the original movie including the punch lines as call outs.
Ghostbusters is easy to play, difficult to master, and is both dangerous
and intuitive – the play is dangerous because the game fights back.

The game features two single drop targets in the middle of the playfield
that are high risk but high reward.  The game clearly leads the player from
one goal to the next.   All 5 GHOST lights begin to blink, making it clear
that the goal is to hit the GHOST target.  Once it is hit, the molded
Slimer toy appears and it is obvious what to do next – hit Slimer.  After
Slimer is defeated, three mode lamps blink rapidly to show what to do next.
When players shoot any of the indicated shots, the mode starts.  Just like
that, the player learns many of the fundamental game rules.

Ghostbusters has many ramps, two different Newton Ball features, a control
gate, iconic toys including a color-changing Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and,
of course, the movie’s iconic theme song by Ray Parker, Jr.  The game
features four multiballs and nine modes, including two wizard modes, plus
many other features and mini-modes.  The Pro, Premium and Limited Edition
models each feature unique, hand drawn art packages by Zombie Yeti.

In addition to the Pro features, the Premium and Limited Edition offers:
•       Unique interactive holographic Ecto Goggles
•       Rotating motorized animated interactive Slimer toy
•       Haunted magnetic slingshot
•       3D molded Public Library
•       3D molded Storage Containment Facility with two lights and a flasher
•       Underground subway ball lock
•       Right loop ramp repeatable Jackpot
•       Steel drop-off speed ramp through the subway ball lock
•       Repeatable steel crossover looping ramp


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