Star Wars Premium Model pinball


Star Wars Premium Model pinball


All Star Wars pinball machines have 2 LCD’s.  Mounted on the playfield
directly in the players view is a 4.25 inch LCD used as never before to
give player instruction and feedback.  In addition to score, status and
instruction information, the backbox mounted larger LCD will display as
many as 400 Star Wars video scenes.  The player will decide to play as
Hans, Leah, R2D2 or Luke.  At the start of each ball the player will pick
the award the player will earn for a successful skill shot, effecting
strategy of good players to challenge them even on the Pro.  The game will
default select for the casual player, slow to make a choice.  Unique player
controlled LCD fight modes are played while the ball remains active on the

In all pinball machines, the game is on the playfield, and there is a lot
of game on these playfields.  In addition to the playfield LCD, all
versions also have a 5-target drop bank, molded Death Star, molded
interactive Tie Fighter, 16 multicolor LED’s to guide players, super speed
loop, scoop delivering the ball to flippers, player selectable multiball,
16 missions, 9 multiball modes, changeable red-white-blue general
illumination LED’s, and more.

Although designed with the same basic playfield layout as the Pro, the Star
Wars LE and Premium have significantly increased features and devices.  You
have to see the Hyperdrive magnetic ball accelerator speeding multiballs
around the all metal ramps.  The LE/Premium Death Star explodes to release
balls locked for multiball.  Add to these Star Wars ships the LED lit
Millennium Falcon (which is available as an accessory for the Pro).  This
game is exciting.

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