Build your Gameroom 

At Top Score Gamerooms we have the ability to stock your game room or commercial location with pinball machines, pool tables, arcade machines, video poker and more. We are affiliated with "North Building and Development Inc", (see web link on Contacts page), and with this connection we can actually design and build, or remodel, for you to have your own personal game room in your home or office. Besides being a great atmosphere in the home a game room can provide a good investment.

Our Customers are continuely satisfied by our services!

Our Customers are continuely satisfied by our services!

your future gameroom

Create an 80's arcade style room, a contemporary room, an old world game room, disco style room or whatever your desire. Let the real family fun at home begin!



You are creating a designated space in your home that will be a great gathering space and you do not leave home for the family/friends to entertain. This designated room space is becoming very popular and it will increase your homes value as well as the family benefits.


value and fun

Most of the games themselves are collectibles and have a growing value, especially pinball machines.

In the office it can be a great addition for a relaxing atmosphere and conversation piece as well as a fun little break in the day! Also great for employee morale and entertainment on long days.